luvcraft (luvcraft) wrote,

videos that I wish were on the internets

There are many videos on the internets. But there are some that are not. Here are three videos that are not on the internets (or anywhere else that I can find, for that matter) that I wish were:
  • The "60 Minutes" segment from the late 1970s on the negative effect that video games have on the minds of impressionable youngsters. I saw this once on a random cable channel as part of some sort of "the weirdest 60 Minutes segments" special or something, but of course I've never been able to find it again. The highlight of the episode was a shocking expose on how the 1976 game "Death Race" teaches kids to run over people with cars! (The kids, of course, keep trying to point out to the reporter that the stick figures they're running over with cars are supposed to be evil skeletons rising from their graves.)
  • The "321 Contact" segment where they go to Williams and visit the people working on the Tron video game (from 1982), including a young George Gomez (who later went on to design a lot of critically-acclaimed pinball machines), and get a look "behind the scenes" of how an arcade game is made, complete with level designs that didn't make the final cut.
  • "Color Correction", a PBS documentary on the evolution of the role of black actors in American TV. I watched the first half of this in a "Rave and Hip-Hop Culture" class I took at UNM (yes, there really was a "Rave and Hip-Hop Culture" class one semester at UNM), but the class was poorly organized and we didn't have time to watch the whole thing and the instructor forgot about it the next class. He was supposed to let me borrow it, but he never did.

Dear internets, please find me these videos.
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