luvcraft (luvcraft) wrote,

the left brain doesn't know what the right brain is doing.

so, there are two XNA video-game-making programs at UNM; one in Fine Arts, and the other in Engineering. There's no overlap between the two, and they seem to barely even know each other exist. Last week I went to the final project presentations for both of them. The Engineering class made arcadey games with an emphasis on 3D graphics,and the Fine Arts class made "serious" games with an emphasis on promoting a specific message.

I mentioned to some friends over the weekend that I thought it was ironic that the "engineering" group made something fun and frivolous, while the "art" group made something utilitarian and serious, and my friends pointed out that this wasn't ironic at all; fine arts people are pretentious bores who look for "meaning" in everything, while engineers just want to build cool stuff.

This explains so much...
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