luvcraft (luvcraft) wrote,

Let's see... I could resurrect for production at Game Crafter...

Second edition of Mausoleum would be doable. I would prefer tuck boxes, but that would be the only thing keeping it from being perfect. Otherwise I have everything all ready to make it go.

BRAWL: Kasanova is also all ready to go. Ditto on the tuck boxes.

The School Shooting Board Game would be doable, but there's really nothing a Game Crafter version would add that isn't already there in the PDF version.

Fuck Yer Sister Funny would just need artwork.

Curious Goods doesn't have any artwork, and I'd need to playtest it again to see if it's actually any fun.

ClusterFRAG doesn't have any artwork, and I'd need to remove all references to HoL (it was originally commissioned as a licensed HoL card game, but the licensee's license fell through right after I finished making him the game), but that would only take a couple of minutes to do. I remember the playtests being pretty fun, but I'd have to try it again to make sure.

Storm Siege would be almost doable, but not what I want. Ideally, the centers of Storm Siege cards are stickers, like Garbage Pail Kids, so that you can put them on different playing cards to construct decks (the effectively-zero people who have played Storm Siege AND remember it will know what I'm talking about, here). It would be OK with "static" cards without stickers, though. All of the card artwork is done (albeit ugly), but I would still need the play mat artwork. Although I had originally conceived this game going in tuckboxes, Game Crafter's bigger boxes might actually be better suited to the play mats.

Haunted, although it's the "game that didn't make it" that I like the most, wouldn't be doable since it uses square cards, special tokens, and special dice. If they add support for square cards and special dice (or even just stickers to stick on all the faces of normal dice) then I'll get some artwork for it and definitely do it. UPDATE: Nevermind, they DO do special tokens (stickers on round wooden tokens), and I could use those stickers on dice for the special dice, too. If I also just print on 2.5x3.5" cards and tell people to cut them square (and even include a dotted line specifying where to cut them) I can go ahead and do this if I get art. Hmm... I guess I should go shopping for artists!

Froop2 also needs square cards. So it's out.

Conspiracy Junction uses a bunch of strangely-shaped board pieces, blinds, and special tokens, and it needs artwork, so it's right out.

It seems like there are more games that I'm not remembering. Oh well, if I think of more I'll just come back and add them to this list. Before anyone asks, I don't own the rights to Gother Than Thou anymore. Also, any mentions of Rat Splatter will result in a beating, and perhaps the offender waking up in the middle of the night with a dozen decks of Rat Splatter in his/her sheets!
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